Enhancements on Azure Portal Notifications

If you are like me and your Azure Portal is your center on your day, you probably see this enhancement of the notifications. I found very useful and make my day way more productive when I need to setup new resources/environments.

Be able to deploy different resources through the Azure Portal and from the notifications access those resources is something that I did think why Microsoft doesn’t improve those little details, but guess what? They listen! WOW.

So, from the notification you can now, access direct where the resource is located, as well as pin to the dashboard.

In some case this could be very useful for some Azure Administrators that use the Azure Portal, because they can easily jump into the Resource Group, where you create the resource, instead of going back to the main menu and navigate to where the resource is. Another aspect is on the visualization on the Azure Portal notification areas, because now you have these two buttons, now you can identify way better what you deployed and find the resource that you are looking for.

You might think, why did I spend time writing this blog post, and the answer is very simple. THEY DID LISTEN! LOL! And besides that, this little thing makes, at least me, my days way better. Could not be much for you, but it’s for me.


Marcos Nogueira
Azure MVP
Twitter: @mdnoga

Marcos Nogueira

With more than 18 years experience in Datacenter Architectures, Marcos Nogueira is currently working as a Principal Cloud Solution Architect. He is an expert in Private and Hybrid Cloud, with a focus on Microsoft Azure, Virtualization and System Center. He has worked in several industries, including Aerospace, Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Government, Health Care, Telecoms, IT Services, and Gas & Oil in different countries and continents. Marcos was a Canadian MVP in System Center Cloud & Datacenter Managenment and he has +14 years as Microsoft Certified, with more than 100+ certifications (MCT, MCSE, and MCITP, among others). Marcos is also certified in VMware, CompTIA and ITIL v3. He assisted Microsoft in the development of workshops and special events on Private & Hybrid Cloud, Azure, System Center, Windows Server, Hyper-V and as a speaker at several Microsoft TechEd/Ignite and communities events around the world.

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